Decorate Your Store With Child Paintings

Whoever said that family homes should only be decorated with adult artwork obviously didn’t have children! Artwork in various formats from kids are a great opportunity to add whimsical touches to your home as well as splashes of color in rooms that need an added boost of personality. See how you can dress up artwork with bold frames to add a sophisticated touch, or keep your children’s artwork in their purest form and display as-is. Here are tips to make your home decor brighter while decorating with your kid’s artwork.


Display artwork proudly: For many homes, the kid’s artwork is displayed only in their rooms, and therefore is only appreciated by the children. Display artwork proudly throughout your home and see how it brightens every space in your interiors. For those that have a formal home, consider using coordinating frames to unify the artwork, or choose a coordinating color theme to your furniture or wall color. You will quickly find that the subject matter of the artwork becomes more decorative when the picture frames can unify in a coordinating theme.

Be creative with everyday items: While arts and crafts stores and home organization brands have plenty of ideas for displaying kid’s work, be creative and think of everyday household items that will serve as display area. Paper clipboards can hold daily artwork, perfect for multiple children and ever-changing projects from school and summer camp! Consider using large clothes pins, colorful hangers, and creative wires for hanging artwork and drying off fresh paintings and drawings. Organization and artwork go hand in hand: Who says artwork and organization can’t be displayed in the same space?

Playful ideas such as hanging artwork from hooks, or keeping art supplies, coloring books and construction paper in whimsical buckets and baskets can be an opportunity for display and function. Visit your local home improvement store and use colorful pails, rubber bins and wall decor to add areas for kids to decorate freely, and store materials at the same time. Many art supply companies offer wall-friendly markers that are similar to dry erase varieties too! Children’s artwork can be preserved for years: Aside from the fact that artwork can beautify dull hallways and lighten up bare walls in your front foyer, they also serve as mementos and time capsules for the future. From shadow boxes, to keepsake treasures from summer vacations, use your children’s artwork to encapsulate their growing years. Tiny handprints in playful colors, along side photographs of your children serve as beautiful backdrops on a dining room or living room wall. Cherish your children’s artwork, because one day they will be too old to even remember drawing it!

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